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Self Fire Door Inspection

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Typical third party inspectors are charging $10 to $25 per door to inspect. With our self-training manual your cost is reduced to near nothing! Your personnel will be better trained with a preventative maintenance program to eliminate potential property damage year round, and identify issues by manufactures that can translate to free replacement of doors.

Huge Savings

Self Fire Door Inspection offers a complete process to meet the code requirements and identify potential lost revenue due to compliance issues and property damage. We offer step by step instruction to be performed by your personnel on site with forms designed to meet requirements of AHJs and Fire Marshals in areas regulated by NFPA throughout the United States.

What We Offer:

Girl using the Self Fire Door Inspection Program

The comprehensive information includes:

         door and  frame to be inspected

         ensure complete inspection

         are manufacturing defects

         to make minor corrections

         agencies labeling doors

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